I’m grateful for…(part VI )

As you know, I’m doing Thirty days of gratitude-folks I’m grateful for having in my life!  Naively, I believed I’d quickly go through my list, this involves blogging about them, treating them to a coffee/Chai tea & a muffin, bagel-some edible something- and telling them how grateful I am for…you get the idea.  Well, with the holidays, many are swamped and want to wait til after Jan. 3rd-(I think I have Jury Duty the 2nd!)  So, I’m gonna intersperse my Gratitude posts with other stuff, okay?

My very good friend, Liz O’Donnell, is someone I am grateful for having in my life!  She is a great writer/editor and crafts beautiful prose!  She’s currently ghostwriting/proofing a workbook on Lyme Disease & EFT!  It’ll be out soon and, as I’ve read chapters, I’m sure the whole workbook will be great.  In her spare time,(of which she has little!), Liz does elder care and may be taking on clients as soon as February and only a few before!   She’s in transition, maybe making a career change…But, she loves to write!

Due to her MS in Psychology combined with MA in English, they make Liz a skilled communicator as well as a writer/editor! She can be reached at LizOD75@yahoo.com and as she may be changing it…You can always friend her through Facebook or better yet, call/email me.  She’ll be ready for a new gig!  If you have a book, article topic and hate to write, Liz is the one to call-443-825-5254.  Almost forgot that piece!  She edits my newsletter, but, not this last edition, so blame me for any typos, issues and/or concerns!

In Abundance!

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That’s MY Story and I’m Sticking to It…

Ever met somebody who had to tell their “story” to justify why it won’t work?  Regardless of what you say-they pull that “story” around them like a blanket!  But, does it serve you now?  Is it really important to say your “story” to yourself about how the economy is so bad-I can’t get a job! And the more suggestions you give or examples of others’ getting jobs-well, you get “yeah, but…and they trot out their “story” to prove why they can’t get a job!  Some people just blurt out the “story” or tell it over & over & over again to make sure they believe and others do as well.

I had a client, let’s call her Joan. Joan would shoot down every suggestion that didn’t go with her “story.”  She had a bad case of the “yeah,buts.”  Howard Figler, a Career Development guru who anyone in the Careers field has read,..yep-I did, too. Her “yeah,buts “went something like this (in a high nasal whine) I never can hang onto money… THAT whine was the first to go!  My coaching clients have five minutes to vent/complain,whine-then, I say, “stop” and they usually do.  Now, this is on the phone or SKYPE, when she heard the rooster crow (hey, it works!) all ceases.  Then we talk about how freeing or anger-producing or…whatever,  how that exercise of blaming, justifying or whining felt-was it too long or too brief or…?  The rest of the session is about moving forward and looking at possible red flags or forks in the road…In other words, NO STORIES!

Many clients resist that.  They LOVE their “story” and are invested in telling it over & over!  But is that old “story” serving her?  Why or why not?

It’s not easy letting go of your “story.”

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Took away so much at “Never Work Again Supercourse!”

I got back late on 14th and was so energized, at 8:15am, I was ready to Rock n’ Roll!

What can I say?  Great speakers talked of passive income opportunities, but, it wasn’t a salesy pitch.  Each speaker gave content, too.  You could easily have been caught up in the “buy everything ” frenzy and one woman I know, did!  I don’t know how she’ll find the time to work as she’ll be studying and going to conference calls!  But, she was in the minority.  Many kept their credit cards in their wallet, but took away lots of valuable content.  A lunch speaker had about 45 mins. to explain the funnel , cascading content/information.  Really talked up Google Adsense/Adwords/ecareercorner.com which points to this blog and transitionchick.com as well points here…I explained this and this pretty powerful & generous guy, Jay Berkowitz at TenGoldenRules.com (not an affiliate link!) just a nice guy.  He gave all who attended his lunch talk a copy of his”Ten Free Strategies for Internet Marketing”-I devoured it on my return flight on Sun. the 14th!

There were publish, real estate, web sites gurus, as well as Marcia (love that name!)

Wieder who talked about her Dream Coach certification and did some laser coaching.  Your most painful wound is often your greatest strength!  Pretty profound.

On Jan. 10-11 is ReigniteWeekend.com explains it all.  It’ll be a great way to kick-off 2015!  It’s in LA & as it’s FREE, register now.  Even, if you don’t plan on going, it’s worth looking at the page!  Jay Berkowitz is PeakPotentials Internet Consultant.

And the Millionaire Mind Intensive-calendar at PeakPotentials.com.  These are all over the US & Canada-use 40205, my number so you’re not charged $100 if you bail!  But, really don’t!  It’swell worth going and committing to an eye-opening weekend analyzing your relationship with money and how early messages helped shape your Financial Blueprint-positively or negatively…

PeakPotentials’ mission is Personal Development and helping you become Financially Free.

If this resonates at all, you deserve to check it out!  Networking is Not a Dirty Word, ,(part II.) will be here tomorrow!  Stay Tuned.

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I’m grateful for…(part V)

Stress can kill you or make you a tight mess.  It can adversel, negatively affect the muscles you wish you had and are, like most people, carrying around 10-15 extra pounds.  For me, personally,it affected my balance, sense of well-being and yep, I ended up carrying an extra 10 lbs!  This led to painful aches in my back and poor coordination.  I fell lots-up or downstairs, it didn’t seem to matter…

So, enter needing another gym, as my beloved Curves was closing.  Now, I thought I’d get my husband, Clark to workout with me at…We chose Brick Bodies and, in January, it’ll be a year!  And, truly my personal trainer is the reason I feel so much better and dropped those 10 unwanted pounds!.  That’s why I’m grateful to have him in my life!

I started with First Step-60 Days, for those folks that hadn’t ever belonged to a full gym. Me! Then,Next Steps, then he became my Personal Trainer 1 hour/week.  I’m not falling anymore!  My coordination is better and I feel more balanced.  My neurological atrophy rears its ugly head-my balance IS  getting worse…I can’t stop it…But, exercise makes me stronger and more in control!  Jeff makes sure I’m okay and makes me sit between machines or free weights.  This makes a HUGE difference in my quality of life!

I couldn’t  ask for a better Coach/friend.  Thanks to Jeff, I’m a “weeble”,you know…”Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”

In Abundance!

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the post-college timeline


I know I usually write about midlife women w/ challenges…but, this struck me-The habits to practice is a good list for anyone. Having a goal, it just isn’t enough! Writing that goal down + what resources (time, money,if you need additional resources: people, a certain item…like a new computer…) and what you’ll need to do to achieve that goal. Wisdom is wisdom, at any age!

Originally posted on brad's desk:


As Brandon Steiner, former owner of Yankee Stadium, once said: “You gotta have balls” (in order to succeed in business.) Fortunately, I do. In fact, it’s my strong suit that sometimes gets me into trouble. I have never, ever had a problem with standing up for myself. I also keep things fair, and I don’t play favorites as best as I can.

Well, today I’m going to make good on that attribution of having a pair. I’m going to provide a timeline of my experiences since college, and then I’m going to make a prediction about the future. And, of course it might not work out. But at least I will have tried, and will look back at this note as a fair contemplation about achieving greatness.

(There’s a whole other element of life – the personal life – that I’m not addressing here. For me personally, because I’m frequently…

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I’m grateful for…(part IV)

Coffee became lunch,as two busy women tried to find the time to chat & catch up.  Patsy Anderson, Organizer/Promoter of the Award-winning Women’s Expo in March 2015 www.womensexpo.com  is my choice for being grateful that she’s in my life!

We had lunch at Olde Mill Cafe-super Savannah chicken salad sandwich which we shared.  I’ll let Debbie explain what is on the sandwich, 4 Frederick Road before Ellicott City, Main Street.  I plan to return!

Patsy is busy helping others design and plan their Expo.  Patsy’s CEO of www.womensexpoforum.com 

& Six Figure Woman is a part of that business-she is a Concept Designer & will help any business’ bottom line.

We  caught up with each others lives and businesses.  What else are two entrepreneurial friends going to chat about? Our transitions taking place in our businesses.  Patsy is a Trainer for CEOSpace.  I shared how I need to drill down my niche.  Patsy gently suggested midlife women with challenges/disabilities often in transition as an entrepreneur…

The confidence people with challenges/disabilities is needed to gather the courage to step out of their “comfort zone”.  I believe they can start/grow their business.  I thought about it-it really was the determination to never give up that make

some great entrepreneurs!  This is a survival struggle now…The skills honed by having a disability are perceived to be  a weakness, a hindrance to success, when that determined, never-gonna quit attitude sustains the business/company!!


In Abundance!

Marcia Merrill, m.merrill9@verizon.net

AKA The Transition Chick!


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I love To Do lists and checking them for things done!


The trick to a To Do  list is not going overboard!  Be realistic and I like to quantify sorta like an Objective in Goal-setting like 200 likes by X date using ads and spreading the word on my timeline, groups, friends… You see?  You always need to consider if you do not write  them down,  why would you not?  Write them down!  Look at your resources-time, energy and if you need to use something.  For example…I’m writing a book…I think I want 3 hrs. and I’ll need to research disabilities/challenges using Chrome and finding keywords.  My working title is Challenge This!

I’ll even generate my list when away to focus and I’ll be calling my posts in!  It’ll take 30 minutes. and I need a long hand blog post…and energy!  So, however you list, DO write it down, so, when done- you have the satisfaction of crossing it out.  Done!

Originally posted on 2HelpfulGuys:

I’ve been doing to-do lists for a long time. Every single morning, I wake up and write down exactly what I want to accomplish by the end of the day.

As I crossed things off that list, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment. Crossing things of my goal list is extremely gratifying.

In my opinion, to-do lists are amazing. They give you an outline of the day. They allow you to complete your goals and promote generating/implementing a routine.

They’re built for people that use the common excuse; “I don’t have time,” which, I’ve discovered, is quite a large number of the population.

Outline Your Day

Wake up every morning and write down exactly what you want to accomplish by the end of the day. Keep it short and concise.

Long lists prevent you from completing them, which knocks you down a peg at the end of the…

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